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Da Comic Vibe (Documentary) - A Tony Roney Film

See Tony Roney and over 75 Comedians give their insight on what it takes to make it in the comedy industry.  Tony Roney traveled from New York to L.A., from Detroit to Atlanta, searching for the answer.  Click here for the trailer or to purchase your copy today.

No Laughing Matter - A Day In The Life of Tony Roney

Film Not Yet Rated

StarringTony Roney, Mary Ann DeMoss, Kathy Richardson and a host of Comedians to be determined.

Directed By: Tony Roney

The prequel to Comedy Star - Tony Roney The Movie.  You will see the true "Man Behind The Mic" and experience his everyday encounters and obstacles of being a stand-up Comedian/Producer/Actor/Filmmaker and Family Man.  See Tony and his TV Comedy Star friends bring to life the true meaning of being a Comedian on the rise.  Plenty of ups, downs, betrayals and losses.  You have to keep going, despite the odds against you.  The Comedy industry is no laughing matter.  It's sure to be an inspirational story for not only Comedians in the industry but, anyone that has ever faced adversity.

Executive Producers: Tony K. Jordan and Kathy Richardson

LAFF Entertainment Production

Assembly Line Pictures

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LAFF Entertainment

Y NOT A Movie

Tony Roney's Comic Vibe - TV Show is a behind the scenes look at Tony's comedy life and encounters.  It's a mix of stand-up with reality situations.  As he travels from city to city and state to state, see Tony Roney interact with some of the hottest Comedians in the country.  New Shows are added each week.  Be sure to also subscribe to Tony Roney's Comic Vibe YouTube Channel for all the latest episodes.